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And here they are, all 20 podcasts in their original glory. We recommend starting with the more recent shows and working backwards (i.e. from left to right), as our early podcasts, while charming, do demonstrate why pilots undergo so much training before being allowed the controls.


Special Bonus Podcast (2011)

After two years of false promises, we finally got off our arses and recorded a brand new final podcast, possibly the least celebrated comeback since Measles. So get your (stereo) headphones on and settle in for 35 minutes of unrivaled silliness! 

This week: Some new features, more phone calls to 'Take a Break', Oscar goes on Jeremy Kyle and Tolu the furby earns his role as co-host.

Many thanks to the woman with the biggest legs in the world... legs, big legs... nazi big legs... gay squirtle.

Special Bonus Podcast - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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It’s All News to Me 'Homemade Art Special'


To celebrate our newest podcast, check out these fantastic hand-drawn images from the very special Sarah Roberts:

1) Unarmed woman robs bank with AIDS

2) Fat Croatian boy reveals magnetic tits

3) National shame as Prince Philip eats placard

And the true story, of course, is this science-warping lil' fella

He's been on Croatia's Got Talent since then, I think, or maybe a different one. I don't know, I'm not his agent. 


Highlights Compilations (2011)

Don't have the time to wade through our podcast, searching for the occasional glimpses of shimmering gold among the mud? Think it might be a waste of your time?


Well, you're in luck; because to mark the release of Xpress Radio's new iTunes page, Henry created these two 15-minute 'highlight compilations' from episodes 1-17, including portions of never-before-heard material (i.e. most parts of our show).

Check them out below:

Highlights Compliation 1 - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Highlights Complication 2 - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Shows 9-17 (2009)

So here we are, the meat and veg of the ol' thing. Enjoy such highlights as the lady with giant legs, Henry's kickboxing tournament, going 'live' on FM and Oscar being put through more nonsensical perilous situations than a Roger Moore Bond film.

Episode 17 - Farewell Special

All the features return for an extra-length final show: pimped out legs, beefed up pidgeons, Sesame Street orgies and Oscar clashes with Peter at the gates of heaven.

Episode 17 (Farewell Special) - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Episode 16 - Pre-Farewell Special


All the features return for an extra-length special; mad uncles, buff gorillas, Mugabe’s little secret and Benny the pig returns to help solve a murder mystery.

Episode 16 (Pre-Farewell Special) - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Episode 15

The studio falls apart, standards drop to a new low, Oscar explains his love of penguins and Henry breaks a new world record.

Episode 15 - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Episode 14 

A stand-off with Dr. Who fans, Oscar builds his own country, confused bishops and a sad farewell to Oscar’s pet budgie Germaine.

Episode 14 - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Episode 13

The benefits of eating your own toes, life as a Borrower, a multicultural Sad Story and Oscar takes on the role of ‘Agony Aunt’.

Episode 13 - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Episode 12

Henry panics about his kickboxing tournament, Oscar becomes a fugitive, haircuts get awkward and the memory of Biggie inspires the boys to face off in a freestyle rap battle.

Episode 12 - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Episode 11

Oscar builds an Ark, Disneyland gang war, evil shrubs and how to survive a zombie attack at Tescos.

Episode 11 - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Episode 10


it’s a Valentines Day special; Oscar is forced to date a series of strange women, Henry reveals why the holiday makes him so annoyed, and the new FM license is threatened by the most unsuitable ‘I Will Survive’ yet.

Episode 10 (Valentine's Special) - Stay Asleep with Henry and Oscar
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Episode 9

S Club Juniors’ kidneys, Crimewatch reconstructions, Henry signs up for a kickboxing tournament and why getting a train through Wales is like slowly travelling backwards through time.

Episode 9 - Stay Asleep with Henry & Oscar
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Shows 1-8 (2008)


Herein lie episodes 1-8: "the early days" as we like to refer to them nostalgically over a glass of cognac. We do recommend starting with the later shows (don't worry, there's no overarching Game of Thrones style plot)  - but if you enjoyed episodes 9-17, perhaps you might care to dip into these ones afterwards with toyful abandon, remarking at our first on-air moments and watching our little features grow up one by one.


Download link at bottom of page. 

Episode 8


Santa turns to burglery, racist babies, Henry makes a phone call to Claims Direct and Oscar’s mates pop in for some bad jokes.

Episode 7 


Epileptic badgers, crap Christmas presents, Henry is kidnapped by bears and Oscar almost gets us done for treason.

Episode 6


Somalian pirates, child abandonment, civillised cannibals and why Henry finds terrorists quite annoying.


Episode 5


Henry’s guinea pig genocide, the problem with Men’s Health, Bear Grylls gets humiliated and Oscar buys a budgie with the sole purpose of teaching it to say ’safe’.


Opening Podcast (Episodes 1-4)


The first four shows squeezed into one: Henry and Oscar get used to the buttons, a trio of sad stories and Oscar reveals that he’s certified as a reverend.