Hello! I'm taking a bit of a COVID hiatus right now as it's all hands on deck at the mo - but if all goes to plan, I'll hopefully be back with you again in 2021 for some new content and gigs. In the meantime; stay alert, wash your hands, and don't go to Wales (or whatever the advice is). Cheers and look after yourselves - H x

2020 Update 


"Won the audience over thanks to his sardonically funny jokes... with plenty of cunning misdirections in the understated writing to wrongfoot listeners"

- Steve Bennett, Chortle

Fast establishing himself as of the UK's leading medical comedians who isn't Adam Kay (or the other eight), Henry has performed in venues all over the UK from East London to North-East London, and is almost certainly within your budget. Happy to travel about for fun gigs, so if you enjoy the clips and there's a inexplicable shortage of white male acts in your area, please do get in touch.

Finalist - Max Turner Prize 2020

Runner--Up - Rudi Lickwood's 5 Minutes to Shine 2019

Semi-Finalist - So You Think You're Funny? 2018